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Air Conditioning Calgary | Six air conditioning tips for Calgary homeowners

Jan 16


If you’re struggling to keep your home cool in the hot summer months, it’s not your fault. Just like your car needs air conditioning to stay cool in the summer, your home needs air conditioning to stay comfortable year-round. In this blog, we’ll outline six air conditioning tips for Calgary homeowners to help you stay cool and comfortable all year long. From cleaning the vents and filters to using fans to circulate the air and creating a cooling sanctuary in your home, these tips will help you save on energy bills and enjoy a pleasant home environment all summer long!


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Defrost your AC unit on a regular basis

It is important to defrost your AC unit on a regular basis to ensure it is functioning properly. When ice builds up on the unit, it can prevent the air from flowing freely, leading to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. To defrost your AC unit, first, turn it off and unplug it. Then, using a soft cloth or brush, gently remove any ice or frost that has accumulated on the unit. If the ice is particularly thick, you may need to use a hair dryer to melt it. Once all the ice has been removed, wipe down the unit with a clean, dry cloth to remove any moisture. Be sure to keep an eye on the unit while it is defrosting to ensure that it does not become overloaded or damaged. Defrosting your AC unit regularly will help extend its lifespan and keep it running smoothly.

One of the most common causes of air conditioning units not working efficiently is frozen evaporator coils. If your AC unit isn’t defrosted on a regular basis, it will struggle to remove energy-consuming moisture from the air and will eventually cause problems. To keep your AC unit running all summer smoothly long, schedule an appointment with a service technician once every three months to have the coils defrosted.

Keep your vents clean and free of blockages

It is important to keep your vents clean and free of blockages in order to maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. When vents are clogged or blocked, airflow is restricted, which can lead to poor performance and increased energy costs. Additionally, dirty vents can harbor dust, mold, and other pollutants that can be harmful to your health. To keep your vents clean, you can use a vacuum to remove dust and debris or hire a professional cleaning service to do the job for you. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your vents can help ensure that your heating and cooling system is working at its best and keep your home comfortable and healthy.

Keeping your vents clean and free of blockages is essential for ensuring that the air quality in your home is maintained at optimal levels. Blockages can cause a number of negative health effects, including disruption to the respiratory system, headaches, and poor sleeping conditions. In addition, blockages can lead to elevated humidity levels in the home, which can be Texans’ worst enemy when it comes to heat tolerance.


Change your air filters regularly

Change your air filters regularly to ensure that the air inside your home is as clean and fresh as possible. Polluting particles can easily collect on the filters, making it difficult for your furnace or AC unit to function effectively. In addition, dirty air can trigger asthma symptoms in people who are susceptible to them. So, replace your filter every month or so, and you’ll be sure to stay healthy and comfortable all winter long.

Changing your air filters regularly is one of the simplest ways to improve your home’s air quality and reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and other allergens in the air. Dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores – all these things can cause respiratory problems if they’re circulated in the environment for long periods of time. That’s why it’s important to check your filter every month or so and replace it as needed.

HVAC maintenance

Check the condenser for wear and tear

A condenser can significantly improve the energy efficiency of an HVAC system. However, over time, it can wear and tear due to usage. If the condenser is not being properly cared for, it may start to malfunction or fail completely.

Here are some signs that you should check on your condenser:

-Frequent clicking or buzzing when the air conditioner is turned on or off

-Smoke coming from the unit

Water leaking from any part of the unit

-Loose wires or corrosion on metal parts

It’s important to check the condenser for wear and tear every year or so. This will help you detect any problems early on and correct them before they cause significant damage. Wear and tear can affect the compressor’s ability to function correctly, which could lead to damage elsewhere in the air conditioning system. It’s also important to keep an eye out for clogged filters, as this can lead to decreased airflow and, ultimately, higher energy bills.

Use fans to circulate the cool air in your home

A lot of people don’t realize that fans can be used to circulate cool air in their homes. In fact, using a fan to circulate the cool air is one of the best ways to keep your home cooler during the summer months. Fans work by blowing air over and around you, which makes it easier for the warm air inside your home to escape. This cooling effect is especially important if you live in a hot climate or have large windows that open up into the room.

Fans are also helpful when it’s hot outside, and there’s no breeze moving through the area. By blowing fresh air into an enclosed space, a fan can help reduce humidity levels and make you more comfortable.

If you have central air conditioning, it’s important to make sure that the fans are working properly. Air conditioners work best when the air is moving around and being circulated. If your home doesn’t have enough ventilation, use a fan to help distribute cool air throughout the space.

A good way to test if your AC unit has adequate ventilation is by placing an object of known temperature (like a can of soup) near one of the registers. If there’s little change in temperature after 10 minutes or so, then you may need to install additional Fans or open up some windowsills.

If you don’t have central air conditioning, open up all of the windows in your home and turn on a fan.


Create a cooling sanctuary in your home

Creating a cooling sanctuary in your home can provide a much-needed respite from the heat during the hot summer months. There are several ways to achieve this, including using air conditioning or fans, keeping windows and blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day, strategically placing plants, or using damp towels to help cool the air. Other options include investing in light-colored, lightweight bedding and clothing and using reflective window film to block out the sun’s rays. It’s also important to stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activities during the hottest times of the day. By taking these steps, you can create a comfortable and refreshing oasis in your home that will help you stay cool and relaxed all summer long.

Additionally, you can also consider sealing any cracks or gaps around windows and doors to help prevent hot air from entering your home. This can be especially important if you live in an older home with drafty windows. Another effective method is to use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air, which can help make the air feel cooler and more comfortable. If you have access to a basement or other cooler space, consider spending time there during the hottest parts of the day. You can also try using a portable air conditioner or fan to create a cooling zone in a specific room or area of your home. Finally, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan your activities accordingly.

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With the high temperatures in Calgary, air conditioning is a must. However, following these air conditioning tips can help you save energy and keep your home cool. Keep your air conditioning unit clean and free of blockages, change your air filters regularly, and use fans to circulate the cool air.

At Furnace Fellas, we provide Calgary air conditioning services for both residential and commercial clients. We also offer a variety of other heating, cooling, and ventilation services to ensure your home is comfortable all year round.


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