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What is the most common problem in AC units?

Sep 7

Most people don't even think about AC units outside of the house. They aren't aware that they exist until it turns out or when you have to mow around them. We live away from the system until it stops making a sound. We panic, fearing we will melt. With the temperatures in Arizona's summer, it's possible.


Identifying a problem early on is essential so that it doesn't become a major shutdown. Here are some things to watch out for:

Signs that your AC is failing

Proper maintenance is the best way to identify problems with your system. It's worth calling a trained AC/HVAC technician to spot potential problems before they become expensive. You should be aware of things if your AC/HVAC is not on a maintenance program or between check-ups.

Blowing warm air

This is the most obvious sign, which you shouldn't ignore in the Sunshine State. You have a problem if warm or room temperature air comes from your vents. Even on the hottest days when the unit might struggle to maintain a home at the cold temperatures you prefer, the air from the vents will remain calm. 


It could be that the unit is not cooling correctly. The problem with the compressor is that Freon levels may be too low. The AC technician can tell you which one and add freon to the system. However, freon can't evaporate, so if it's low, it could be a problem with your AC or other equipment.

Running Continuously

It can be challenging to determine if your AC works correctly in Arizona, as it gets a lot of daily use. If you notice an unusually slow or irregular running of your AC, it could be a sign that something is wrong. You might not notice excessive running if you are busy. Get your electric bill. It will then not be easy to ignore.

Barely Blowing

A reduction in airflow is a sign that your compressor may be failing. It may be the compressor, but it could be a problem in one area or one room of your home. Problem with your ductwork instead. This is common in Florida, where there is ductwork underneath homes and other places that critters can easily reach. They can make the cool dark place their home with just a few quick swipes or chomps.

Making Unidentified Noises

  1. You may need to contact a technician if your AC unit starts shaking or makes strange sounds. Before calling, inspect the unit for branches or twigs that may have become stuck inside. If nothing is visible, contact an AC company.
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