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What is considered an AC failure?

Sep 7

You expect to need AC repair at some point as a homeowner who uses their AC often. There is some flexibility between the time you notice that your AC is acting strangely and when you finally make an appointment to have it repaired. If your AC suddenly and unexpectedly stops working at odd hours, you have two options: call our AC repair service or wait a few days for a non-emergency call.


Air conditioning problems do not always have to be an emergency. But how can you tell when they are? In general, trust your best judgment. Do you think the loss of your air conditioner threatens your health, or will it cause extreme discomfort to be without cooling for too long?

An air conditioner that is broken may be considered an emergency in the following situations:

  • Your AC is not working on a hot day (below 90 degrees).
  • Your home may have older people, young children, or immunocompromised persons sensitive to heat.
  • Your AC is leaking, causing water damage to your house.
  • The AC has electrical problems (e.g. Your AC is constantly tripling your breaker, dimming lights when it turns off, or emitting a burning smell.

These are non-emergency situations.

  • Temperate weather is outside so that you can be comfortable even with closed windows.
  • You are paying more for your air conditioner than you used to, and you need to consider energy efficiency options.
  • The AC filter in your AC is dirty and must be replaced.


It is recommended that you schedule regular maintenance of your air conditioner. It helps maintain a healthy indoor environment by ensuring better air quality. A well-functioning unit can remove particles and allergens from the air, such as bacteria, mold, and dirt, which promotes health.

Our Lake Elsinore AC company can inspect your unit and provide a detailed report. This prevents unexpected repairs that can become costly and frustrating.

Routine maintenance of your unit includes a thorough inspection. This includes:

  • The compressor should be inspected
  • Condenser inspection
  • Change the air filter
  • Vacuuming the air ducts
  • Thermostats
  • Lubricating and checking the fan blades.

If there is any other issue in your AC, you can consult it with our professional AC services mesa az.