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Reasons Your A/C System May Be Rattling

Aug 12

Like any other system in your home, your air conditioner is made up of many different parts, each of which serves a specific purpose. But as these components begin to wear down or break, it’s not uncommon for strange noises to start emanating from your cooling system.

One of the bizarre sounds you can hear from your A/C unit is a rattling noise. Although it may not be as common as other sounds, such as hissing or squeaking, a rattling A/C is definitely cause for concern, which is caused by a number of issues, some of which are more serious than others.

Here are some reasons why your A/C system may be rattling:

Debris in the Outdoor A/C Unit

Your outdoor air conditioner unit is as susceptible to debris and dirt as any other part of your home. Leaves, twigs, and other organic matter can build up around the system, eventually leading to a rattling noise.

As a good rule of thumb, you should always keep the area around your outdoor A/C system clean and free of debris. Otherwise, you run the risk of not only damaging your entire air conditioner but also voiding your warranty.

But in case your cooling equipment sustains some damage, there's no time to waste, and you should take advantage of a service like A/C repair Dixon, CA from the right pros right away.

Damaged Fan Cage 

Another important part of your air conditioner you should look into is the fan cage. The fan cage is what encases the blades of the fan and is tasked with circulating air throughout your home. But since the fan cage is constantly spinning, it’s not uncommon for it to become damaged or unbalanced over time.

When that happens, having a professional A/C repair Dixon, CA contractor on your side is the best solution to have the issue diagnosed and eventually fixed.

Loose Screws and Panels

As with any other mechanical device, your air conditioner is held together by screws and panels. But as these parts begin to loosen, it can cause the entire system to rattle.

Fortunately, this is one of the easier issues to fix on your own. Simply tight all of the screws and ensure that the panels are properly in place. In case you do not have the experience and the tools, you can never go wrong with hiring the pros for A/C repair in Dixon, CA.

Badly Worn Bearings 

Once you have gotten rid of any debris and tightened the screws and panels, you might relax thinking that the rattling has stopped for good. But in some instances, the noise can persist, which often points to an issue with the bearings.

The bearings are the ones that hold the fan blades in place as they spin. But as they become worn down, they can cause several issues, including a rattling noise. And that can be quite uncomfortable, especially if it happens at night. But fret not, as there are HVAC companies you can contact when you need A/C repair Dixon, CA. You just have to be extra careful in choosing the right one.

Rattling A/C System? Schedule an Appointment for A/C repair Dixon, CA

If your air conditioner is making a rattling noise, don’t leave it unattended for a long time! Call a fully equipped technician immediately to bring your unit back to its optimum condition.

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