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How to Fix Uneven Cooling In Your Two-Story Home

Aug 4

With an additional floor in your home, you won’t only get wider space indoors but also add value to your property. But this decision doesn’t only come with good things. Two-story homes often encounter uneven cooling, meaning another floor is more comfortable than the other. If you keep using your A/C with this condition, you might end up paying for costly AC repair Hialeah, FL.

This can be very frustrating and inconvenient, especially when you need to stay cool during harsh weather conditions.

Do you want to know what causes temperature imbalance in your home and how to fix it? Keep reading below to learn more.

Reasons for Uneven Cooling in Different Floors

Here are the common reasons why uneven cooling happens:

  • The airflow is restricted between your registrar and the air conditioner.
  • Your thermostat only reads the temperature of the floor that is being cooled.
  • Your ductwork is not improperly sealed, or its size is not right.
  • Your A/C is too small or too large for the size of your home.
  • Your equipment doesn’t receive proper air condition repair and maintenance.  

How to Solve Uneven Cooling Between Floors of Your Home?

Here are a few ways to maintain even cooling in your two-story home:

Have Your Ductwork Inspected

Leaky and improperly sized ducts cause the cool air not to circulate evenly throughout your two-story home. Make sure that the duct of your HVAC system is working at peak condition. They should be sized correctly and free of dirt and leaks.

Add a Zoning System

Zoning system will allow you to control the temperature independently even your thermostat is placed downstairs. This is a cost-effective alternative if you have a high-performing central AC that cannot work to its full potential.

Add a Ductless Split

If you prefer cooling the spaces or rooms you used the most, then a ductless mini-split is the answer. With this solution, saving cash on the cooling bills and maximizing the conditioned air in your favorite spot at home can be possible. Another benefit of using a ductless system is it requires less maintenance and AC repair Hialeah, FL.

Make Adjustment

All you need sometimes is a little adjustment and cleaning to restore the airflow. Clean your air filter and set your thermostat fan to Auto or On. You can even adjust your vent so the forced air will be blown on the areas where it is needed the most.

Add a Second Cooling System

Adding supplemental AC can give you better control over the temperature of each floor. Even if buying another system sounds expensive, it’s commonly the best answer for two-story homes with only one AC. Just be sure to stay on top of regular maintenance to avoid costly AC repair Hialeah, FL.

Want to Fix Uneven Cooling—the Professional Way? Call the Experts!

Uneven cooling is a commonly experienced issue in a two-story home. You can try any of the solutions mentioned above or leave the job to the professionals for proper diagnosis.

Your technician can conduct an in-home assessment to identify where the uneven cooling problems come from. If it’s your AC, they can provide quality and fast AC repair Hialeah, FL. But if the problem roots from the other parts of your two-story home, they can thoroughly investigate and recommend the best solutions for a quick fix.

Talk to the experts of ACTL Group to solve an uneven cooling problem in your two-story home. The company has a team of licensed contractors who can assist you on how to boost comfort and system efficiency. Set an appointment with them by calling 786-833-6886 today.