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What Could Go Wrong With Your Air Conditioner?

Jul 27

Nobody wants their AC to malfunction. Unfortunately, air conditioners are complex machines with many working parts. Any one of these parts could malfunction or break, preventing your AC unit from working properly.


Many things could go wrong with your air conditioner. By knowing some of these potential problems, you can schedule AC repair in Yukon, OK early and prevent any major or additional issues with the unit.


Dirty air filter

The air filter helps remove contaminants from the air circulated through the AC unit. However, pollutants can build up over time. If not cleaned or replaced, the clogged filter can cause further damage to the unit. It can lead to frozen coils and poor indoor air quality.

Frozen evaporator coil

The evaporator coil houses the refrigerant, a chemical that absorbs heat from the air. It can start to freeze when there's insufficient airflow or a low refrigerant charge. Frozen evaporator coils can lead to many problems such as water leak, so if you see pools of water around your unit, it’s best to call an AC repair company in Yukon, OK.


Inaccurate thermostat reading

Your thermostat may get incorrect readings if it’s installed near heat sources or drafts. It could also read the temperature inaccurately if it’s not properly calibrated. So if what you feel does not match what you see on the thermostat, call an expert to calibrate the device or install it in an optimal location.

Leaky ducts

If you have a ducted AC, one of the possible problems you’ll encounter is a leaky ductwork. The ductwork is responsible for delivering air from the AC unit to the rooms in your home. If the ductwork leaks, you’ll be wasting conditioned air and money. It’s best to have it fixed by a licensed AC repair company in Yukon, OK.


Smelly air

Your conditioned air may start to smell when mold grows inside your unit, pests infiltrate the ducts, or when wiring develops problems, etc. It's recommended to have the unit checked by a licensed technician to prevent further issues. 


Water leaks

Your air conditioner produces gallons of water, and it could leak when there's an issue with your condensate pan or drain line. This problem could invite mold growth or damage your property, so schedule AC repair in Yukon, OK immediately.


Low refrigerant charge

The refrigerant absorbs and transfers heat from the indoor air outside. If the coolant levels are low, the AC unit will not be able to transfer heat properly, and your AC unit will not be able to cool your home.


 Air conditioning units don't consume refrigerant, so its amount will remain the same unless there's a leak. Refrigerant leak can happen due to improper AC installation or just because of damage sustained through years of use.



This could happen when the unit is too big for your home. The air conditioner will be able to cool the room faster. It may seem like a good thing, but the inability to complete the cooling cycle can cause problems with the unit.


When these things happen, it's best to be proactive and schedule an AC repair in Yukon, OK. Look for a reputable company to ensure your unit will be fixed properly. 


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