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Why DIY A/C Installation Dixon, CA is Not a Good Idea 

Jul 21

Many homeowners try to take on A/C installation Dixon, CA as a DIY project to cut costs. It's no surprise that you are planning to do the same, considering how costly it is to hire the pros.

But a task like this is never as simple as it seems. Air conditioners are quite complicated machines, and require special tools, skills, and knowledge to install correctly. If you don't have these things, a DIY installation is likely to end in disaster.

Dangers of Installing an A/C System on Your Own

There are several dangers associated with DIY A/C installation Dixon, CA. Here are some of the most common:

You Could Injure Yourself.
Installing an A/C system is a physically demanding task. You will be lifting heavy parts, working in tight spaces, and dealing with electrical wiring. If you're not used to this kind of work, it's easy to injure yourself.

Even if you're careful, there's always a risk of electrocution when working with electrical wiring. This is one of the most dangerous aspects of A/C installation Dixon, CA, and should only be attempted by someone with experience.

You Might End Up Damaging the Unit.
Air conditioners are delicate machines, and even a small mistake can cause big problems. For example, if you misplace a screw during the process, it could puncture one of the system's coils. This would cause a refrigerant leak, and would require costly repairs.

But with a certified technician, you don't have to worry about this. The installer will know exactly what to do and will take care to avoid any damage.

Your Warranty Could Be Void.
Most cooling systems come with a manufacturer's warranty, which covers the repair and replacement costs for a certain period of time. But if you install the unit yourself, the warranty will likely be void.

And when something goes wrong with your air conditioner, you'll have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket, which can be expensive. For your protection, it's best to let the technicians do what they do best.

You Might Not Get the Permits You Need.
In most cases, you need a permit from your city or county to install an A/C system. The permit ensures that the unit is installed according to code, and that it meets all safety standards.

But obtaining a permit can be a complex process. Also, it can be time-consuming and will not be perfect for you when you have a busy schedule. Say bye to that inconvenience with a trusted technician in town.

Benefits of Leaving the Job to the Right Pros

It is always possible for anyone to install an air conditioner. But it's not always a good idea. The risks are simply too high, and leaving the A/C installation Dixon, CA project to a dependable company has too many benefits to count.

  • Expertise - Let's say you are a DIYer and you have basic knowledge about HVAC systems. But that doesn't mean you know everything about air conditioners. The truth is, there's a lot to learn, which would take years to master and with a fully-equipped technician, you don't have anything to worry about.

  • Prompt Service - When your air conditioner breaks down, you want it fixed as soon as possible. And the only way to guarantee that is to hire a professional. With many A/C companies, you have to wait weeks for an appointment. But with licensed contractors, they will come to your rescue in no time.

  • Bigger Savings - A new cooling system is costly, and you want it to be installed the right way to avoid any future repairs, and there's no better way to achieve that than by trusting the job to the pros. Also, many A/C installation Dixon, CA companies provide maintenance plans that can ensure bigger savings for many years to come.

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