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Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

May 9

furnace installationYour water heater is one of the most important appliances at home. You rely on it for a steady supply of hot water. However, due to aging or normal wear and tear, a lot of water heaters can deteriorate over time.

So, when they show signs of furnace problems, then it might be time for a new water heater or furnace installation Hollywood Park, TX

What is the Lifespan of Water Heaters?

Hot water tanks would usually have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years while an on-demand type of water heater is expected to last for 20 years. It provides the household steady supply of hot water on demand or when you need it. As water tanks are working almost round the clock for your home, storing hot water, it’s subject to wear and tear. 

Signs that You Need a New Water Heater


Like any other appliance, your water heater gets old too and it shows some aging signs along the way. If your water heater has been maintained yearly then it would age gracefully and curb early deterioration. However, if you failed to have it serviced yearly for tune-ups and maintenance then early signs of deterioration will show up and would need replacement or furnace installation Hollywood Park TX

For older models, the best way to check on your water heater’s age is by looking at the serial number or date of installation. The first few digits should tell you when it’s manufactured. For newer models though, the manufacturing date is already stated on the label making it easier to check on the age of your water heater. 

If your water heater has had so many breakdowns then it’s no use to keep repairing as it’s already come of age. It is time to invest in a new and more energy-efficient model that can keep up with your demands of hot water supply.

Rust Formation

If your water heater has been developing rust then it can be dangerous for your health and safety. More so, rusty water tanks can also pose serious water damage to your home. The best way to check for any rust formation is to look at the water inlet and pressure valves. If these components have rust then it’s a good indicator that rust has already formed inside and it can dangerously eat through the water tank. 

If you notice some popping or rumbling noises coming from your water heaters then this is a sign of trouble. There could be a potential leak or build up of sediments around the tank’s bottom. You will notice this problem if your hot water suddenly becomes too hot than normal.


If your water tank has leaks then this warrants immediate or emergency replacement. 

Not Hot Enough

If your hot water isn’t hot enough then check the thermostat settings first. If it’s not a thermostat problem, then it could mean a lot of things like the water heater too small for your home or a damaged tube or gas valve. 

It’s Time for a New Water Heater! 

If your water heater is showing signs of aging, don’t fret. It’s normal for any equipment to slow down and depreciate over time.

Perhaps now it’s time to buy a new water heater for your home. To get a new water heater, contact the expert HVAC installers of My Favorite Service Company for furnace installation Hollywood Park, TX!