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Clamping-Together Ducting Offers Advantages Over Traditional Ducting Systems

Feb 12

Clamping-Together Ducting Offers Advantages Over Traditional Ducting Systems

Clam-together is a more efficient option than other ducting options. Some benefits are obvious such as easy installation and quick assembly. However, you will discover others once your system has been designed.

Here are some compelling reasons to use clamp-together tubing:

  • Pre-Ordering Installation Flexibility Clamp-together is, in comparison to spiral-wound or spiral-wound ductwork, much simpler to install. Traditional spiral-wound conduit is cut to exact dimensions, from the pickup points to where it will be installed. It is common to use exact fitting measurements. However, for dust-and-mist-collection purposes, it is not a problem. You will need to wait to order your spiral-wound ducting until you have set up your equipment. Custom ducting systems are dependent on exact dimensions before they can be installed. If you do not measure the correct size, your order will be delayed.

    When clamp-together ducting is used, the approximate dimensions of your system can be used to determine the number of duct parts or fittings you need to complete your collection system before installing any other pieces. Pre-ordering allows you to make sure your mist- and dust-collection systems are ready when your equipment arrives.

  • Food and Safety Inspections have many advantages Clamp-together, ducting systems are loved by food safety inspectors like AIB (American Institute of Baking), who know they are easy to clean.

    Custom-made ducting will be manufactured to your specifications. The AIB guidelines call for built-in cleaning doors. These doors will allow employees access to the dust-collection system and allow them to clean it. This increases the cost of ductwork and makes life a bit harder for food inspectors.

    Clamp-together ductwork is very easy to clean and disassemble. Food safety inspectors approve that the manufacturer can clean their ducting systems.

  • Fire Protection – NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), prefers metal ductwork as it can easily be ground. PVC or plastic pipes used for ducting cannot. Grounding the conduit reduces the risk of a spark setting off an explosion that could cause combustible material to ignite. This is a potential danger in several applications (sawdust. flour dust. and grain dust.
  • Relocation of key equipment is simple If you choose to relocate equipment using a custom-made ducting solution, you will have to tear down the original ducting.

    Modifications to the system can be made easily using a clamp-together conduit. Some parts might need to be removed or added, but they can all be used again in the new configuration. If you do order new parts, the lead time is usually short. Most parts can ship in a week.

  • True modularity for OEM Systems For OEMs, clamp-together is an advantage. To make it easy to pack and ship the system, you can have the ducting unclamped before shipping it.

    The pieces of ducting are easily reassembled once the system has arrived on site. Because parts of the Columbus Airduct Cleaning system can be easily replaced or moved, your customers will appreciate this flexibility.

Clamp-together, however, is safer than custom fabricated and more efficient than a custom-made ductwork system. Columbus Airduct Cleaners modular design can benefit any organization that needs mist or dust collection systems. Call us today and speak to a specialist in the ductwork.


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